Mach-Speed Pacman “Fino” at 9 Months

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Here is a little update on one of the pups from the Mach-Speed litter from June 2012:

This is Mach-Speed Pacman “Fino” at 9 Months.  He lives with a family in Pasadena, California (L.A. Metro Area).  The family is originally from Spain.

Fino on the Whippet Archives:

Photos from March 2013:SONY DSC SONY DSC



Whippets in the Fairy Stream in Mui Ne


Here are some pics of the Whippets in the Fairy Stream (with waterfall) in Mui Ne, VietNam.  I plan to add more photos here when i will have some time.  Click on the thumbnails to see in full size.

Japanese Whippet “Agility”


I know not all sighthound-owners can run as fast as this young man.  I also realize that the sport should definitely be for ALL owners, no matter what their age, physical state, speed, etc.  It was, is, and always will be for all.  That being said, I have always dreamed of an extreme form of  sighthound agility where either the owner does not run the course (so that the hound can run the course at his true top speed), or where the owner/handler is quite a speed-demon himself.  Here is a short film from Japan which falls into the latter category.

Here is the YouTube Channel for this YouTube user:

This Blog Now Available in 58 Other Languages

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You will notice the “Google Translate”  logo on a phone on the righthand-side of this blog. Click on it to have this website open in“Google Translate”.  After this, select the language you want to read.   Please tell your friends who have been waiting for translation into their language!  You can also click on the “Important Links”  widget to the right, that there is a new link titles “Google Translate this Blog”.

Our other blogs also have a similar link in their links widgets:

and our website “MachSpeed Whippets” has a drag-down language-menu at the top of each page:

Various Shots of Rocket, Astro, and Łajka

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Here are some shots from the past few months in VietNam that, I think, didn’t get put up here.

Astro on the Streets of Saigon (Entry 6)


I took these pics the day after (or was it the same day?) with Astro.

This photos are of Astro:

1) at a Buddha “Prayer Point”

2) on a very hot street under some signs.

3) posing by a Vietnamese flag-banner

4) posing with street-venders

5) in front of some temple-like or decorated building.

6) selling some Whippet bananas!!

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The Third Blog from Asia (a.k.a. “the text blog”)


Hello all…

okay, i feel bad about not having any new photos.  and i have been weak in the text department.  so as a result, i decided to write some text today.

so now i will ramble on.

i was at a jam today (on a Wednesday).

From the beginning i will say that i like the place and the musicians were quite good.  it was a pleasant surprise to see that the main musicians like/play in the genres that i like/play in.

now for some interesting tidbits of info….

as you know, these are the tropics down here.

so imagine that you go into a pretty cool venue, with great musicians, nice climate, a nice mix of vietnamese and ex-pats, pretty good sound system, etc etc..

then… imagine you go to the bar (as i did) and you order a beer.

then imagine that the price of the beer is 60% higher than ANYWHERE  you had been to so far…   so in other words, posh in some way. (if you will let me say that).

so i took the beer and returned to listen to the jamming.  as i slowly nursed the expensive beer (slowly to avoid buying another), i looked at the floor…  now remember it is a tropical country!  but also remember that it is a “posh” (or at least expensive) place.

so now….  please guess who/what i saw transporting him/her/its-self across the floor?


breakdancer?               no.

drunk person?             no.

human train of karaoke singers?                        no.

a big fat cockroach?  (karaluch)                             YES!

right in the middle of the club.

of course this doesnt mean that the club is bad.   in fact its a good place i think. i plan to go back for sure.  it only means that we are in the tropics.

and i love it.   🙂

i have met some very cool musicians since i got here — as well as other cool people.  i am pretty happy with the situation.   and let me add that i love the food and the weather.

i also love to reach a state of telepathic positive understanding with the locals.

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