Mach-Speed Spring 2013 Video by Samantha Battles (SFSU)

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Samantha Battles and Dylan Phillipy  have Mach-Speed Super Mario Bros.  (“Mario”), one of Lajka and Rocket’s super sons born in Spring 2012.

Samantha is also a senior at San Francisco State.  For one of her projects, she made this video about our Sighthound Disc Coursing athletics.

Here is the result:

Record on Hold Final from Samantha Battles on Vimeo.


The World Record Attempt for Autumn 2012


The World Record Attempt for Autumn 2012

The World Record Attempt for Autumn 2012

MachSpeed Whippets on the Beach in MuiNe


Astro, Rocket, and Lajka on the beach at Surfpoint Kitesurfing School. Feb 2012. Made by Adam Borys of HamTien Productions

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Whippet Frisbee-Coursing on a Tropical Beach


Here are some shots of Rocket doing some Dog-Disc Coursing on the beach in Mui Ne, Vietnam.  We went out a few days ago in the morning.  My friend Adam, from SurfPoint Kite-Surfing school and Ham Tien Productions, took these shots.  As you can see, he did a real good job considering this was the first time he photographed Whippets in action — no small task!

We weren’t able to perfom for long becuase it was hot and sunny.  Rocket got tired.  If I were to go home for another dog, the beach would have been full of kites by the time I got back.  There is a chance we will try to take a few more shots before i need to head off to SaiGon to prepare for our move to California.

If when you are in Mui Ne, you need a photographer or a cameraman for a project, or want to learn how to Kite-Surf, you might try to get a hold of Adam.  Contact to him is on the Surfpoint internet site.  You can find the link on one of my other blogs:

Click on the thumbs to enlarge the photos.

I am going to miss Mui Ne, but I am sure that a lot of exciting times are up ahead of us in California :  my new work,  the music scene,  the whippet scene, the Frisbee and Aerobie scene, etc.  I will miss the weather, but it doesn’t get very cold in California and the climate will be just about ideal for the dogs.

Vietnam Whippet-Beach-Frisbee


Here are some shots that Christophe Guegan took of the Whippets and I playing frisbee on the beach in Mui Ne, Vietnam.  He was there on vacation and happened to be there with his camera.

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Whippets in the Red Dunes of Mui Ne, VietNam – part1


A slide-show from the red dunes near Mui Ne, VietNam:

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