Two Mach-Speed Co-Bred Whippets go Play with GoPro


How exciting!

Two of the Mach-Speed bred pups form 2 different litters are in a cool vid connected with Go-Pro Sports Cameras.

They live in Menlo Park , California with a great family.

So happy those two boys live together….    Neat that one has Lajka as a mom and one has Rocket as a dad.


Mach-Speed Pacman (aka Fino) Starts Lure Coursing

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Little “Pacman”  is all grown up and living with a great family from Spain in Pasadena, California.  This pup, from our first breeding at Mach-Speed, was one of the 7 boys from that litter of 8 in Spring 2012.  He is now well over 1 year old and is starting to train in Lure-Coursing.

This is Fino/Pacman on TWA:

Here are some pics from his first Lure-Coursing training in Southern California:

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Photos courtesy Jose Recio and Family  (Fino’s family)

Kimera — Mach-Speed Whippet pups at 10 Days Old

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Here are the 6 pups at about 10 days old —  4 girls and 2 boys.  Whelped June 18th, 2013.  More infor at   and   and  facebook account:  mach-speed whippets

Mach-Speed Spring 2013 Video by Samantha Battles (SFSU)

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Samantha Battles and Dylan Phillipy  have Mach-Speed Super Mario Bros.  (“Mario”), one of Lajka and Rocket’s super sons born in Spring 2012.

Samantha is also a senior at San Francisco State.  For one of her projects, she made this video about our Sighthound Disc Coursing athletics.

Here is the result:

Record on Hold Final from Samantha Battles on Vimeo.

Short Film: Rocket Doing an Everyday-Type Frisbee Reception

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I havent put up a post in so long.  I will try to start doing more, but i suppose they won’t be very regular till March.

Thanks Max and Phillip from Germany for the filming.

Pacman, Mario, Comet, and Lajka

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Here are three cutie pics of Lajka with her 3 remaining pups at 4months old:

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Two Guinness World Record Attempts in Early November

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Thanks in advance for any help you can give us…  like sharing our promo material with others, hitting “like” on our posts, and if you can, maybe even show up and/or volunteer in some way.

Here is general info about the event as can be found in the description of the Facebook event:


Mach-Speed Whippets & glennSKii Meyer

Erin Hemmings
Professional Disc (Frisbee) Athlete.
Holds the world record for longest thrown (non-velocity aided) object.
Set with an Aerobie in 2003 with a throw of 1,333 feet (more than 1/4 of a mile)
Alan Adler – Inventor of the Aerobie  (among many other inventions)
* Watch Erin Hemmings and Rocket the Whippet set a new
official world record for “Farthest Thrown Object Caught
by a Dog” (they will be using an Aerobie)
* Watch Erin Hemmings and 3 of the Mach-Speed Whippets
attempt to set a new official world record for “The
Farthest Thrown Disc (Frisbee) Caught by a Dog”
* See “The Whippster”, a new carbon-fiber racing sulky
prototype. Mach-Speed Whippets is planning on setting
a world record for top speed for dog-powered vehicles.
This is the first vehicle of its kind built for speed.
* During the breaks:
– see how far you can throw a frisbee (distance
measured with a laser)
– meet Erin, Dr. Adler, glennSKii, and the Whippets.
– learn about the Aerobie and discs (Frisbees),
Whippets, dog-sulkies, inventions.
The present standing records (for both records) were set with a disc(frisbee):
390feet1inch (118.9meters)
Human Athlete: Mark Molnar
Dog Athlete: Cheyenne the Whippet (owner: Irv Lander)
October 12th, 1994 in Pasadena, CA
ATTENTION! Please don’t bring your dogs. They will not be allowed onto the field area! Among other reasons, they would highly distract the dog that is trying to set the record! THANK YOU!* Rain Date: Monday Nov 12th, 2012 (same place and time).
* We are looking for volunteers to help us with this event. Please contact if you would like to join us and help.
* After-Party will planned for organizers, volunteers, and sponsors for the evening on the day of the event (Friday).
more info will be added here as the date approaches

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