Kimera — Mach-Speed Whippet pups at 10 Days Old

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Here are the 6 pups at about 10 days old —  4 girls and 2 boys.  Whelped June 18th, 2013.  More infor at   and   and  facebook account:  mach-speed whippets


The Trinity+Rocket Litter at Almost 6 Weeks on Film

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Here is a fresh little video of the 13 pups at Cozette, Whippets in Springfield, Missouri with their mother — Trinity.  Rocket here in California is proud!  🙂

And there were 3…

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last 3 pups from the litter of 8….

a week ago, Sonic flew to Mexico.  Since then, we are down to 3 pups.  of them, 2 are still available — Pacman ans Comet.

that’s:   Mach-Speed Pacman and Mach-Speed Asteroids.

from left to right: Mario, Pacman, & Comet

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