7 Pacman

Pacman Banner

Pacman at 8.5 Weeks

  • Gender: Male
  • Birth Order: 7 of 8
  • Call Name: Pacman
  • Coat Color: white and (dark-blue) fawn parti
  • Masking:  small, black mask (not encroaching onto white muzzle)
  • Blaze: Short; wide
  • Weight Rank at 3 Weeks:  the largest
  • .
  • How to recognize Pacman from the litter:
  • easily the largest in the litter
  • the only particolor in the litter (more white on coat than fawn-color)
  • .
  • Character & Description
  • doesn’t push others around even though he is noticeably the biggest pup
  • often one of the first to do various things (open eyes, be alert, come, run, etc)
  • a favorite of many of my close friends

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