6 Laser

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Laser at 9 Weeks

  • Gender: Male
  • Birth Order: 6 of 8
  • Call Name: Laser
  • Coat Color: fawn and white
  • Masking:  Black mask (not encroaching onto white muzzle)
  • Blaze: medium; rectangle-shaped but with a slightly wider base
  • Weight Rank at 3 Weeks: slightly lighter/smaller than average
  • .
  • How to recognize Laser from the litter:
  • one of the smaller pups (although the difference is not big and there are no “runts” in the litter)
  • white markings on lower back just above the tail that look like a submarine or dolphin passing from right to left
  • .
  • Character & Description
  • in early weeks, perhaps slightly more reserved than many other pups, but not at all reclusive
  • fits in well with the other pups and can deal with any rough-housing from the others
  • from about 7-8 weeks, has become less reserved and has grown faster…. he is now medium-sized for the litter, if not medium-large.

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