You are presently on the official blog for Mach-Speed Whippets & Sighthound Disc Sport (SDS).  To open the Mach-Speed Website, please click on the banner below:

Mach-Speed is about:

  • Whippet Kennel, Dog-Shows, Breeding
  • Whippets as Pets
  • Whippet/Sighthound Sports (e.g. lure-coursing, racing, agility)
  • Contribution to “The Whippet Archives” Pedigree/Genetic Database
  • Sighthound Disc Sport (SDS) — Creation, Development, & Promotion.
  • Other non-traditional projects relating to Whippets and other Sighthounds.

my contacts:

  • skype: glennskii
  • twitter: mc_glennskii
  • facebook 1: mcglennskii
  • facebook 2: sighthounddiscsport
  • myspace: mcglennskii
My other blogs:


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