Whippet Snippets


First of all, I want to give a salute to the original Whippet-Snippets: www.whippetsnippets.com   (I just liked the name for this section of my Blog and it is a coincidence that I used it.  But by chance, I found out about that really great blog… so check it out!)

MachSpeed Whippet-Snippet #1:

I found this text in an online “Google Book” from the book called “A Glossary of Yorkshire Words and Phrases, Collected in Whitby and the Neighbourhood, by an Inhabitant” by Francis Kildale Robinson (published in 1855):

 “A canny wee whippet of a woman — a neat nimble little person.”

Could this be some new insight into the origin of the name “Whippet”? There has been a lot of differing ideas on the origins.


MachSpeed Whippet-Snippet #2:

In a fantasy world of fairy tale:

  • the Shih TzuDachshund, and others are the Dwarves
  • the Chihuahua and the King Charles Spaniel are the Brownies
  • the Great Dane and the Mastiff  are, of course, the Giants
  • the Yorkie and the Boston Terrier are the Goblins
  • the Chinese Crested is the Troll
  • the Pug is the Gnome
  • the Italian Greyhound is the Pixie (or Fairy)
  • and of course, we all know that the Whippet is the ELF!!
glennSKii Greer-Meyer

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