Abbreviations and Acronyms

Here are abbreviations and acronyms used for Whippets, other Sighthounds, and dog-showing in general:
  • AWC – American Whippet Club
  • FC – AKC Field Champion
  • FCh – AFSA Field Champion
  • GCh – Grand Champion
  • LCM – Lure Courser of Merit
  • MACH – Master Agility Champion
  • NAC – National Agility Champion
  • NAFC – National Amateur Field Champion
  • NFC – National Field Champion
  • NOC – National Obedience Champion
  • ORC – Oval Race Champion
  • OTCh – Obedience Trial Champion
  • PL Ch – Polish Champion
  • WRCh – Whippet Racing Association Champion


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