My Canine/Whippet Book-List

Below is a list of the books I have read on the topics of Whippets, Sighthounds, Dogs, Dog-Breeding, etc.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to remember everything I read.  I will try to provide links and reviews (in the future) when I can.


  • Whippets Today by Patsy Gilmore
  • Whippets by Christine Cormany
  • Whippet: A Complete and Reliable Handbook by Dean Keppler
  • (Barron’s) Whippets: Complete Pet Owner’s Manual by D. Carolyn Coile
  • Whippet by Juliette Cunliffe
  • The Complete Whippet by Louis Pegram
  • The Whippet by C.H. Douglas-Todd
  • The Whippet: A Dog Anthology by Vintage Dog Books


<under construction>

Misc Canine Topics:

  • The Intelligence of Dogs by Stanley Coren
  • How Dogs Think : Understanding the Canine Mind by Stanley Coren
  • The Dog’s Mind by ???

<under construction>


 Red Dog  by  Louis de Bernières


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