More Photos from the FCI and VKA Dog Shows in VietNam – Dec 2011


Here are some more pics from various sources….

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The VKA National and FCI International Dog Shows – SaiGon: Dec 10 and 11, 2011


The whole “MachSpeed Team” went down for the dog shows in Ho Chi Minh City (SaiGon), VietNam last weekend.  We got down there by train from Phan Thiet on Friday night.  That turned out to be a fiasco — The conductor guy said that dogs aren’t allowed on trains.  I think this is very strange, because trains are the perfect form of transport for dogs, a lot of people have dogs in VietNam, and dogs are not allowed on busses.   (So how does one get a dog from point A to point B in VietNam?  My answer, for the return anyway, ended up being hiring a private taxi.  Expensive compared to other forms of transport, but much cheaper than one would expect.)  The taxi on the return came out not much more than twice what I paid to get there by train.  You see, to get there by train,  not only did i have to buy my ticket, I also had to take a taxi from my beach town of Mui Ne to the closest big city (Phan Thiet), and pay for the dog’s spot in the motorbike car, and then take a taxi from the Saigon train station to my hotel.  A private taxi, on the other hand, takes you door to door.  When I traveled by train, I had a few scares… including being told I cannot take the dogs just minutes before the train was to depart.

The three shows in Saigon were:

  • The 3rd Annual VKA National Dog Show (on Saturday)
  • Judge: Mr. David Strachan (Australia Judge; ANKC All-Breeds Judge)
  • BiS1 – Bull Mastiff (Thailand) – “Peacekeeper’s Bacardi Braut” (from dogs-open)
  • BiS2 – Miniature Schnauzer (Malaysia) – “Hubee Rythm of the Air” (from dogs-intermediate)
  • BiS3 – Whippet (Karadhras Tinker Bell @ Mach-9;owner: Glenn Greer-Meyer)(from intermediate-bitches)
  • Best Junior in Show – Rottweiler (VietNam)
  • Res. Best Junior in Show – Siberian Husky (VietNam)
  • The 1st Annual FCI International Dog Show (on Sunday)
  • Judge: Mrs. Jackie Perry (FCI Thailand Judge)
  • BiS1 – Pomeranian (Thailand) – “Dream Team Moon Walker” (from dogs-open)
  • BiS2 – Bull Mastiff (Thailand) – “Peacekeeper’s Bacardi Braut” (from dogs-open)
  • BiS3 – Whippet (Karadhras Tinker Bell @ Mach-9; owner: Glenn Greer-Meyer)(from intermediate-bitches)
  • Best Junior in Show – Pomeranian
  • Res. Best Junior in Show – English Bulldog
  • The 4th Annual Phu Quoc Dog Show
  • Results – (data unknown)

Mach-Speed Results at the Two Shows:


Lajka (Karadhras Tinker Bell at Mach-9)

  • National Show: V1, BOB, BOG, BIS3, CAC
  • International Show: V1, BOB, BOG, BIS3, CACIB
Rocket (Rocket from Pocket Yakuza.Gdy
  • National Show: V1, BOB2, BOG2, reserve CAC
  • International Show: V1, BOB2, BOG2, reserve CACIB
V1 – Judged as “excellent” and 1st place in class
BOB – Best of Breed
BOG – Best of Group (in this case, Group 10 – Sighthounds)
BiS – Best in Show
As you may assume, we are all very happy with the results.  The shows were well organized and there were a lot of nice dogs there from VietNam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, and maybe from some other countries.  I will find out soon if my hunch is correct — They seem to allow BOG2 to be from the same breed as the BOG winner in VietNam.  (They seem to have placed Rocket ahead of the Afghan in the ring following the BOG comparisons.)  I thought he judges were quite impressive and professional.
There were approximately 350-400 entries in the shows.   Group 10 was made up of Whippets and Afghans.
Results now online:
(I’m not quite sure what to make of Rocket being listed as BOS3 instead of Lajka.  I will investigate. It doesn’t matter to me if I am mistaken or they.  🙂   )

Here are some links to photos and articles from the shows!:

(this one above is the newest set of shots…  many more from the ring than the other links so far)



The 2011 VKA International Dog Show

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VietNam Kennel Association

The 2011 VKA Dog Shows

Near the end of this calendar year, the Vietnam Kennel Association will host 3 Dog shows on one big weekend in SaiGon.  This will be their innaugural FCI International show!

WHEN: 10th & 11th of December, 2011 (Sat, Sun)

  • 4th VKA PHU QUOC NATIONAL DOG SHOW   (Breed: Phu Quoc)


  • 08 Vo Van Tan Street, Ward 6, District 3,
  • Ho Chi Minh City (SaiGon), VietNam 

Link to the location in an online city map (Diadiem):

Here is the link to the site:

Here is the link to the general information about the dog shows:

Much of the english translation doesn’t work properly, so i suggest using a web-browser plugin for translation.  Google Chrome has it, for example.  If you don’t have this and don’t want to bother with it, you will see the menu choice of “DogShow” in English at the top.  Or, if you want, you can go straight to the registration-form download section:

Dog-Owners in SaiGon – FaceBook Group

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There is a relatively new group on FaceBook.  It is called “Dog-Owners in SaiGon”.  The languages of the threads and files and links are English and VietNamese.  At the moment of this posting, the group had 39 members — a mix of Ex-Pats and VietNamese.  I expect the “enrollment” to jump in spurts, as word gets out.

Here is the link:

on FaceBook

Dog-Owners in SaiGon

The Whippets Welcome a New (but not necessarily faster) Member to the Team

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A week or two ago, the MachSpeed Crew welcomed a new “vehicle” to the team.  She is an old green and white Honda Super-Cub.  Here are Łajka, Rocket, and Astro with the Green Machine:

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We shall soon see how well I will be able to keep up with the dogs on this motorbike.  We will check that out when there will be a fitting place and time and situation for some fun.  For now, I take the dogs for a run next to my bicycle occasionally (most often just after dawn or after/during a rain shower).  Another way is to take them somewhere by taxi or to take one on the bicycle.  (My bicycle now has a place for one dog to sit on the back).

Misc Whippet Pics from the Past Few Months

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I haven’t posted much here recently.  For this reason, I will post a slideshow with whippet pics from the past couple months here in SaiGon.

But first I will tell you about what happened last night:

I wish i had had my camera ready when I came home late…  because Rocket and Łajka (the two larger fawn/whites) worked together (in a great show if cooperation) to catch 2 mice in our house!!  It happened right in front of me as I was settling into the house just after walking in.  That brings the mouse-catching total to 3 for this place.   I don’t enjoy see them kill ANY mammals… and I wash their mouths out after the kill and then feed them something…. but what can you do?  There is vermin in the house, and  I’m not gonna use poison, and traps are dangerous and ineffective, and “the crew” kills them as quick as a trap would.   Another fortunate point is that they are killed quickly and bloodlessly.

Those mice have been giving them fits for a while. (They hear them behind the shelving and stuff but never see them).  They were set on getting them.  Earlier , I wasnt sure if they were small rats or large mice.  I guess they are large mice.


Slides are paused and moved forward/backward with the controllers on the bottom of the photo.

Notice how Łajka and Rocket begin to stretch from one slide to the next when they are on the bed.

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Extreme Flyball Freestyle (with Whippets)

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Here is a little slideshow of the made-up “sport” of Extreme Flyball Freestyle.   We, theoretically are joking, but now that I think of it,  this probably would be a cool sport.  Maybe it could be played in a room with slippery floors (like we have here), no furniture, and slightly padded walls  (which we don’t have here).  Since we don’t have these conditions, and I played the role of thrower and photographer at the same time,  the photos are not very “extreme”.  Maybe someday in the future  I will get a friend to take the pics as I throw the ball.

Its kind of amazing how quick they react to the deflections in random directions off the furniture.  It would be great to film this with a slo-mo cam — especially considering how slick the polished rock floor is!

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