I haven’t posted much here recently.  For this reason, I will post a slideshow with whippet pics from the past couple months here in SaiGon.

But first I will tell you about what happened last night:

I wish i had had my camera ready when I came home late…  because Rocket and Łajka (the two larger fawn/whites) worked together (in a great show if cooperation) to catch 2 mice in our house!!  It happened right in front of me as I was settling into the house just after walking in.  That brings the mouse-catching total to 3 for this place.   I don’t enjoy see them kill ANY mammals… and I wash their mouths out after the kill and then feed them something…. but what can you do?  There is vermin in the house, and  I’m not gonna use poison, and traps are dangerous and ineffective, and “the crew” kills them as quick as a trap would.   Another fortunate point is that they are killed quickly and bloodlessly.

Those mice have been giving them fits for a while. (They hear them behind the shelving and stuff but never see them).  They were set on getting them.  Earlier , I wasnt sure if they were small rats or large mice.  I guess they are large mice.


Slides are paused and moved forward/backward with the controllers on the bottom of the photo.

Notice how Łajka and Rocket begin to stretch from one slide to the next when they are on the bed.

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