There is a dog-disc enthusiast in Japan who goes by the YouTube nick of “Tyrolryle”.  I don’t know too much more about him — and maybe there are more like him in Japan.  Anyway,  he and his Whippet are doing great things in mini-distance.  I think it would be quite a show to compete with him in SDS mini-distance.  SDS mini-distance has rules and scoring more catered to the speed and abilities of the sighthounds.  I hope he will write back to me soon, and then we will know more about him.

Take a look at the videos on Tyrolryle’s YouTube.  Below it, is one of his newer mini-distance vids.  He is racking up scores that, it seems to me, would win in many or most european mini-distance competitions against the Borders  and Aussies and so on.

Also,  I would love to know the pedigree name of his Whippet!