Hello all…

okay, i feel bad about not having any new photos.  and i have been weak in the text department.  so as a result, i decided to write some text today.

so now i will ramble on.

i was at a jam today (on a Wednesday).

From the beginning i will say that i like the place and the musicians were quite good.  it was a pleasant surprise to see that the main musicians like/play in the genres that i like/play in.

now for some interesting tidbits of info….

as you know, these are the tropics down here.

so imagine that you go into a pretty cool venue, with great musicians, nice climate, a nice mix of vietnamese and ex-pats, pretty good sound system, etc etc..

then… imagine you go to the bar (as i did) and you order a beer.

then imagine that the price of the beer is 60% higher than ANYWHERE  you had been to so far…   so in other words, posh in some way. (if you will let me say that).

so i took the beer and returned to listen to the jamming.  as i slowly nursed the expensive beer (slowly to avoid buying another), i looked at the floor…  now remember it is a tropical country!  but also remember that it is a “posh” (or at least expensive) place.

so now….  please guess who/what i saw transporting him/her/its-self across the floor?


breakdancer?               no.

drunk person?             no.

human train of karaoke singers?                        no.

a big fat cockroach?  (karaluch)                             YES!

right in the middle of the club.

of course this doesnt mean that the club is bad.   in fact its a good place i think. i plan to go back for sure.  it only means that we are in the tropics.

and i love it.   🙂

i have met some very cool musicians since i got here — as well as other cool people.  i am pretty happy with the situation.   and let me add that i love the food and the weather.

i also love to reach a state of telepathic positive understanding with the locals.