Short Film: Rocket Doing an Everyday-Type Frisbee Reception

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I havent put up a post in so long.  I will try to start doing more, but i suppose they won’t be very regular till March.

Thanks Max and Phillip from Germany for the filming.


A Look at the Mach-Speed Pups in their New Homes

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1.  Mach-Speed Lunar Lander (“Orbit”) – Now with the call-name “Loki”

Loki has a great home (in a young and active couple) in the Bay Area of Northern California.

Here is what they had to say about their Loki:

“We decided we wanted to name our first puppy after the Norse god of mischief and chaos — Loki. What we were seeking was a new best friend, a fun addition to our family and a highlight to our upcoming adventures. You see, when we came to Mach-Speed Whippets, we didn’t come for the normal, predictable pack of puppies. We knew this bunch would be special and we were looking for a sporty dog with a strong personality. The tremendous socialization from the start was a real winner for us — by the time we had met the first pup, he had already met people from every continent. When we met all the puppies we were torn, it was a hard decision to choose just one of those precious faces. They were all cuddly, playful and personable. After days of back and forth, we knew we had found our pup when Loki, then Orbit, nuzzled Sasha’s neck and fell asleep in Yannis’s arms.  That little boy with a candle flame blaze between his eyes, and with the dark mask to match, became for us, the ideal look.
As Loki grows up, he continues to impress us with his intelligence, curiosity, friendliness, and countless other positive traits. A few highlights:
-His first beach trip at 2.5 months old showed us that size would not deter him from his goal.  That little pup fetched back a frisbee that was taller than him! …and ate a lot more sand than we hoped!
-During the San Francisco Fleet Week, at less than 3 months young, Loki was more interested in the people and their food than the fighter jets flying only a few meters above our head.
-His best friends are a Newfoundland (who acts much like Nana from Peter Pan), a German Shephard, who Loki *loves* to steal toys from, and a Siamese/Burmese cat that he’s quickly outgrown but still loves to chase around.
-Loki continues to impress us with his intuition. It doesn’t take much for him to learn the rules and knows how to read whoever he plays with. He’s even learned the difference between pet rabbits, which he protects and regularly checks up on, and changing directions on a dime to chase those delicious-looking squirrels in the park. He knew how to signal bathroom-time the day after we brought him home and has mastered sit, down, wave, bark on command, and directed jumping onto an object.
-If he could be any animal, Loki would be a goat. He loves to munch on grass and is perfectly content grazing on tender grasses in the park. He will also steal the aforementioned rabbits’ hay (or carrots, lettuce, kale, cucumber..) if it pokes through their cage.
-In our most recent roadtrip to Los Angeles, he proved to be a great (read quiet) companion in two nonstop 6 hour car rides, adjusted instantly to our hotel room and even visibily conquered his fear of heights as we zoomed to the 28th floor on an outdoor glass elevator.
Joining us in nearly all of our activities, Loki has fit into our lives as much more than a pet. He has become the best companion we could have asked for and we have a hard time believing that our confident, mature pup still has so much growing up to do.”


2.  Mach-Speed Sonic the Hedgehog (“Sonic”) – Now with the call-name “Teo”

Teo lives with a family with children in Mexico City, Mexico.  It’s amazing how much Teo has already lost his blue color!  It seems his fawn is a little darker than his father’s — yet still kind of peach.  I love his new color!  You can see in the profile pics of him standing on a desk at his home in Mexico.

  • Here is what Hernaldo had to tell us about Teo:
  • Teo is a self-confident puppy but with a light touch of submission, bright, sound, and outgoing. We have a profound mutual understanding.
  • In our garden we had an endemic mexican tree (a very young one), it has flowers that the ancient Aztecs used it for tripping out in mystical voyages (we didn’t know about it). The flowers are beautiful (yellow), like large thin bells and they blossom three to four times a year, its called “floripondio”. We didn’t know it has amazing hallucinogenic powers. One morning, I found Teo overdoing everything, excited, almost scary and very speedy.   I noticed that the area of this tree was covered with detritus from the flowers. I examined Teo’s tongue and it was yellow!! I did some research and found out about the special properties of these flowers. The vet came to see Teo, he suggested us not to do nothing but hydrate him a lot. Just after two days, our puppy pulled himself together.  We immediately took down the small tree of “floripondios”, now we have a beautiful two year old tree called “bugambilias”, so our Teo won’t be in a mystical trip anymore.


3 Mach-Speed Q*Bert (“Q*Bert”) – Now with the call-name “Dasher”

Dasher lives with his new family (that has a son and a daughter) in the Bay Area in Northern California.

The family even remodeled their backyard and put in turf for their little Dasher!  I wonder if dasher will have a reindeer costume for Christmas this year!  With a name like “Dasher”, it would be fitting!  🙂

<maybe Dasher’s family will give me some info to add here in this blog later>


4 Mach-Speed Super Mario Bros. (“Mario”)

Mario lives in San Francisco with a young couple that are presently finishing their senior years of college.  I am sure Mario’s life is exciting! — Just like young Whippets like it!

<maybe Mario’s family will give me some info to add here in this blog later>


5 Mach-Speed Asteroids (“Comet”)

Comet is still with us here in Atherton, California.  We are considering homing him, if the home is serious about showing and/or dog-sport — preferably to a home nearby.  It looks more and more like he may stay with us.  He was the biggest trouble-maker in the litter back when there were multiple pups here.  But when he was the last pup left,  he became such a sweetie.  He got house-trained in record time, doesn’t really bark much, and jumps really high.  Pretty much the only trouble he gets into is related to the fact that he knows he is a good jumper!

I will add some photos to the gallery here soon… or in a separate entry.


6 Mach-Speed Galaxian (“Laser”) – Now with the call-name “Dashiell”

Dashiell lives with a family in Hollister, California.  On their grounds, they have a large plant nursery (trees, bushes, shrubs, etc)

Here is what Claire, Dashiell’s owner, has to say about her little boy:

Dash is getting to be quite the thief – I should have called him Bandit.  I have to be careful to put away the dirty laundry because his favorite thing is to snatch something from it and run away into the nursery to show his prize to everyone.  He was running around with my bra in his mouth the other day and my employees that work in the nursery got quite a laugh from his antics.
Dashiell is my entertainment when I’m working, I tend to focus so much on my work that I forget about “living in the now” which is the key to happiness which many people believe.  He helps me get out of my head and enjoy a little humour while I’m getting my business done.  Besides that he is a very sweet boy that I’ve fallen in love with and can’t imagine living without now.
What I love about whippets is their ability to relax and lounge around sleeping and be satisfied with that for most of the day, but are ready to play and exercise wholeheartedly when it’s the right time for that.  At least Dashiell is that way, and the only other 2 whippets I’ve known were like that.   He rides around in my truck with me all day when I go make sales calls, and meets everyone and is very sociable.  He’s more popular with my clients than I am – they all say “did you bring Dash with you?”  instead of “hello Claire”.


7 Mach-Speed Pacman (“Pacman”) – Now with the call-name “Fino”

Fino  lives in Pasadena, California with a married couple that is originally from Spain.


8 Mach-Speed Moon Patrol (“Luna”)

Luna lives in Richlands, North Carolina with a married couple.   Luna is in training as a therapy dog and they are planning to probably show her if things go as planned.

<maybe Luna’s family will give me some info to add here in this blog later>


An Update on the Rocket-X-Trinity Litter at Cozette

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Our rocket is the sire of a litter at Cozette in Springfield, MO, USA.

Here is a little update from the litter….  Starting with pics:

Pup nr7 is already in his new home in Texas and nr.12 is already in Menlo Park, California.  Others are on their way, or soon to be on their way to new homes.

more info:

the pups with birth-order numbers and specific data and pedigree:

The Trinity+Rocket Litter at Almost 6 Weeks on Film

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Here is a fresh little video of the 13 pups at Cozette, Whippets in Springfield, Missouri with their mother — Trinity.  Rocket here in California is proud!  🙂

Pacman, Mario, Comet, and Lajka

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Here are three cutie pics of Lajka with her 3 remaining pups at 4months old:

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Two Guinness World Record Attempts in Early November

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Thanks in advance for any help you can give us…  like sharing our promo material with others, hitting “like” on our posts, and if you can, maybe even show up and/or volunteer in some way.

Here is general info about the event as can be found in the description of the Facebook event:


Mach-Speed Whippets & glennSKii Meyer

Erin Hemmings
Professional Disc (Frisbee) Athlete.
Holds the world record for longest thrown (non-velocity aided) object.
Set with an Aerobie in 2003 with a throw of 1,333 feet (more than 1/4 of a mile)
Alan Adler – Inventor of the Aerobie  (among many other inventions)
* Watch Erin Hemmings and Rocket the Whippet set a new
official world record for “Farthest Thrown Object Caught
by a Dog” (they will be using an Aerobie)
* Watch Erin Hemmings and 3 of the Mach-Speed Whippets
attempt to set a new official world record for “The
Farthest Thrown Disc (Frisbee) Caught by a Dog”
* See “The Whippster”, a new carbon-fiber racing sulky
prototype. Mach-Speed Whippets is planning on setting
a world record for top speed for dog-powered vehicles.
This is the first vehicle of its kind built for speed.
* During the breaks:
– see how far you can throw a frisbee (distance
measured with a laser)
– meet Erin, Dr. Adler, glennSKii, and the Whippets.
– learn about the Aerobie and discs (Frisbees),
Whippets, dog-sulkies, inventions.
The present standing records (for both records) were set with a disc(frisbee):
390feet1inch (118.9meters)
Human Athlete: Mark Molnar
Dog Athlete: Cheyenne the Whippet (owner: Irv Lander)
October 12th, 1994 in Pasadena, CA
ATTENTION! Please don’t bring your dogs. They will not be allowed onto the field area! Among other reasons, they would highly distract the dog that is trying to set the record! THANK YOU!* Rain Date: Monday Nov 12th, 2012 (same place and time).
* We are looking for volunteers to help us with this event. Please contact if you would like to join us and help.
* After-Party will planned for organizers, volunteers, and sponsors for the evening on the day of the event (Friday).
more info will be added here as the date approaches

And there were 3…

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last 3 pups from the litter of 8….

a week ago, Sonic flew to Mexico.  Since then, we are down to 3 pups.  of them, 2 are still available — Pacman ans Comet.

that’s:   Mach-Speed Pacman and Mach-Speed Asteroids.

from left to right: Mario, Pacman, & Comet

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