Big thanks to Bob Knoss (Builder & Primary Designer) in Minnesota.  Also, thanks to people like Daphne Lewis (Chalo Sulky in Georgia), and Jim Benson.  Daphne has given valuable advice and is taking care of the harnesses and Jim helped with lift balance testing.  Also thanks to others who have been giving advice, guidance, support, etc  (directly and indirectly)…. people like Jim Walsh (Regal Sulky in Australia), and others (I will try to add some more names here later when I think things through).   Also, thanks to the positive and friendly people of the carting groups and pages on the internet — for example,  the Dog-Carting Facebook page

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For now, here are some photos.  Most likely there will be various adjustments and changes and maybe fixes as we start to test-tun it with the “jackals” all hooked up.  This is just an introductory blog post to show that we are “on our way”.

There is still a significant amount of preparations to do.  Buying elbow-pads and knee-pads being just 2 examples.  The harnesses are still in process as well.  They are somewhat custom to fit the crazy body-shape of the Whippet breed.

this vehicle is carbon-fiber and aluminum.  we hope, after training and practice and adjustments, to set a world speed record for dog-powered vehicles.  probably this winter is things go as planned.  First of all, we need to be safe as we reach for higher speeds.

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