I am not a California-Whippet expert — nor even a California expert for that matter…  but I do live here now, I am a geographer by training,  and I do have whippets.  So I will make this blog entry. I made it for three reasons:

  • 1) To show my friends and colleagues from in and out of the Whippet world where I am now.
  • 2) To learn for myself about the California Whippet scene through the writing of this entry… as well as the info my friends, including YOU,  will hopefully send me to add to the entry.  😉
  • 3) To add this information to the net for others to use.


My early observation is that the scene (events, associations, and so on) are kind of split up into northern and southern California — probably more by the geographical distance we find between the clusters of action that more-a-less are based on the gravity of the Los Angeles metro area in the south and the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area in the north.

Here are some links.  Please send me links that you think should be added to this list ( glennskii@gmail.com ) . Southern California is listed in Red and Northern is listed in Blue.  

Furthermore, if you see errors,  thanks in advance for telling me what to correct!!



Breeders  (some may not be active):




California Whippetfolk on the Net (Facebook shall be the default listing here)
(Please tell me if I can include you on this list)
  • glennSKii Meyer:  FB: Sighthound Disc Sport, glennSKii Meyer;  Google+:glennSKii Meyer
  • Jennie Dal Busco: www.facebook.com/dalbusco
  • .??
  • .??  under construction…
  • .??
For national and international listings of whippet-links, please go to the “Whippet Link Megalist” tab in this blog!
Any reports of dead links, missing data, out-of-date data, and/or mistakes are appreciated!