• The “80’s Space Arcade Game” Litter
  • (“Mach-Speed  <retro 1980’s arcade game>”)
  • San Francisco Bay Area (Atherton), California
Rocket and Łajka – Intergalactic Love

Jr. Champion Karadhras Tinker Bell @ Mach-9 (Łajka) will be bred to Champion Rocket from Pocket Yakuza.Gdy (Rocket) around April 2012.  Puppies are expected to arrive in approximately late June 2012 and will be ready for their new homes in late Summer 2012.  These two champions from Europe are truly in love and live together in close companionship since Łajka’s puppyhood.  They are a perfect match not only through their love, but also in “type” and by the fact that the planned litter would have an inbreeding coefficient (COI) of 0.000 (calculated back 6 generations).  Inquires on puppies from this litter for pet/sport/show can be made by email:  glennskii@gmail.com

Dam:  Junior Champion Karadhras Tinker Bell @ Mach-9

Lajka @ 6months in Motion

Lajka on March 30, 2012 @ 2 Years & 2 Months of Age

Łajka (pronounced WHY-kah) reached National Junior Champion status in record time – receiving Best of BreedJunior Best of Breed, or BOTH, in nearly all of her show appearances.  This girl really turned out to be a favourite back in Europe — both with the judges and with quite a few in the whippet community.  It was a wonderful feeling to see some judges visibly and audibly in awe of her. With the magic height of just under 50cm, and the reactions of the judges in the ring, we can only wonder what showing with a professional handler might have done for her “Best of Group” and “Best of Show” chances.

She has an adorable temperament.  When she is on the field for whatever activity, she refuses to lose to any other dog.  Unfortunately, she never got a chance to compete in lure-coursing before we left Europe.  Surely she would really excel in this sport.  She is fast and determined like no other.  It even seems that much of her speed comes from her determination itself.  When sprinting, she stays close to the ground and has outstanding horizontal jumping (distance jumping).  She took Best of Breed, Best of Group, and 3rd Best in Show from a field of 400+ entries in both shows in two days in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  (day 1: Vietnam Kennel Club & day 2: International FCI).

Sire: Rocket from Pocket Yakuza.Gda

Rocket Getting Seriously High Launching off Sand Unaided

Rocket reached National Champion status in European show-rings in a relatively small number of shows.  Rocket and his siblings have shown great skills in lure-coursing, Frisbee, and other sports.  Rocket is the unofficial record-holder of the “longest thrown object caught by a dog”.  He catches Aerobie throws (without false-starting) of 100 to 140+ meters and is a high  vertical jumper.  Guinness Book has officially sanctioned Mach-Speed to officially set the new record with Rocket.  He has proven well over 50 times that he can break this record.  Mach-Speed hopes to officially set the record sometime between now and mid 2012 at some larger dog event, sporting event, or other large happening.

Rocket is extremely focused and intelligent on the field.  He, like no other sighhound so far, has really mastered Sighthound Disc Sport  (see MachSpeed website and links).

Both of these wonderful Whippets have lived on three continents and will begin shows on their 3rd continent (with AKC in the U.S.) in early April 2012 — just before mating.

We will NOT be breeding often,  and we can expect that this will be Lajka’s one and only litter.