Rocket has always been a decent tree climber.  He climbs me adnd stands like a parrot on my shoulder, he chaced a squirrel up a tree in a park in Warsaw in one swift movement and then was surprised when he reached a high perch and looked down.  I had to help and coach him down.

Now, here in Mũi Né, VietNam , Rocket has a new tree to climb — the leaning coconut trees (and the dunes and cliffs and hills too).  Below are some shots of him goofing around on one of the coconut trees on the beach near my house.  I didn’t really coax Rocket to go higher.  I think it is best that he decides how high he goes and not me.   It will be safer and, in the end, Rocket will be more sure of himself and perhaps go higher. Anyhow, I was taking the pics, therefore I couldn’t take part in the stunts.

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