The Whippet community is buzzing this week thanks to the new pedigree analysis functions available on The Whippet Archives.

I will not go into a general discussion here about the basic functions and what-not.  It wouldn’t make any sense to re-state what Karin Schellner has already explained well over there on the site.  Instead,  I thought I would share with you a couple neat little tricks you can do with your Whippet’s pedigree analysis page there.

Try this for example:  

“Ancestors by Number of Appearances in the Pedigree”

  1. Open the Whippet entry that you want to learn more about.
  2. Press the Pedigree Analysis button on the right-hand side (written in brown)
  3. Select the “Calculate for 10 Generations” option
  4. If you get an alert written in red that ancestors are missing, select 9 generations
  5. Keep reducing the number till you do not get the red “alert”. (Hopefully you can run this on 10 or at least 9 generations)
  6. Find the column of data titled “# of appearances” and click the DOWN ARROW
Now you will see the ancestors listed in descending order starting with the ancestor that appears in your dog’s pedigree the most times.  

After this, you can press other down arrows in other columns to investigate other properties.  For example, you may want to press the down arrow for Blood %, or number of appearances in a given generation.  You can also go fill in a “Testmating” pedigree for a potential litter, and then go through all these steps again,  looking at data for potential/planned puppies instead of actual existing dogs.
Just for good measure, I will add here that, of course,  once you press the “Pedigree Analysis” button,  you automatically get some date that you don’t need to dig any deeper to find — Values like: COI (Coefficient of Inbreeding), Ancestor Loss,  and % Ancestor Loss. (As discussed in the TWA discussion about the new functions).
If you are missing ancestors in your dog’s pedigree and this is affecting your results, please consider trying to add the missing data to TWA yourself.  If you are not a registered user there, please create an account!  It is free and easy and you are not asked to give any private information.  As of today, there are 4,430 registered users from around the globe.  Many are some of the most well-known international breeders and whippet-folk.