Do you use Google chrome to browse the web?  If so, I have created the first Whippet theme for Chrome!
You can download it here:
(that’s the “Downloads” page which is found in the “Misc-Pages” tab)
The easy instructions and a screen-shot are there as well.

If you don’t have Google Chrome, you may want to try it.  It is probably the fastest browser,  has easy to apply free themes,  and it has a lot of cool applications/add-ons,  like google translate of web pages in other languages for example.  If you want to give Chrome a try, you can just do a search for “google chrome download” .   It is of course free too.

Expect more themes by me in the future. If someone wants a theme for their kennel, you can ask me about it.  I may be able to help you, but no promises. wink.gif