A few years back, over a number of years, I compiled an Excel document full of links to breeders, owners, whippet-clubs, and pet supply producers that had websites.  I just now put it up on my whippet blog.  Some of the links are now dead and of course the list isn’t complete.  I hope that you all can get some use/enjoyment out of this list, and in the process, let me know about missing links and dead links so i can update it.

Google Documents doesn’t embed into Wordpress so very well it seems.  I’m sure I will find a better embedding solution later.  For now,  I think it will do. You might want to make good use or your arrow keys to navigate (once you press on the scrollbars and if your browser works this way) if your browser lets you do this.

The lisitng is first by continent, then by country, then for most parts of the world, it is by kennel name…. but for the USA, it is by region, then by kennel name. The USA is in red,  Europe is in blue,  Canada is in a pinkish color, Oceana (Australia and NZ) is in light blue.

If you would be so kind to tell me what to correct, add, or delete, it would be great.  You can tell me in the comments on that page, or here in e-mail.  I think those are the only good ways to notify me.  If you give me a new link, be sure to give your city too (and state and region if the USA, and province if Canada or Australia). There is also an option for me to give you editing rights in Google Docs if you are gonna be helping a lot and know the net and Excel well and are sure you wont mess up anything in the table (its easy to mess it up, unfortunately).  In fact,  I even added an additional tab to the Excel doc.  It is “Editor List”.  Here is a place to list editors by region who can help me build and update the list.

If you would like to be an editor for your region,  let me know.  I can give you access to editing the Google Document.  I prefer to take on editors that are known breeders.   As you probably know,  being an editor would not take up a large amount of time whatsoever.

You can find this list in the far right tab at the top of this blog-site.

I hope you will pass this MegaList link on to your whippet friends.  Probably best is to send them the link to this post. ..

Thanks a lot!