No sooner does Rocket get over Łajka’s bi-annual cycle of Chanel no.5 , than he gets bit by an aggressive dog that looks 3/4 Wolf and 1/4 Pho Quoc.  This dog already had fresh stitches on his head.  He acted like a wolf by refusing to look me in the eye  (when I confronted him just after the attack and later when I took Rocket home).

Rocket was on leash in Pham Ngu Lao in the Saigon city Center.  The aggressive dog, that should never be off-leash, came into the garden of the cafe where we were having a meeting — just for the purpose of attacking Rocket.  Rocket was on-leash.  This fact combined with Rocket’s intentions to avoid conflict,  led to him getting bitten.  Long story short, he needed stitches.  My mobile Vet came to my place and they sewed him up.

The original plan of mine was for local anesthetic.  That didn’t work,  so Rocket was put under with general anesthesia.  These pics are of him while under the general anesthesia.  Notice the tongue flopping around,  the wide-open eyes that werent operational, and the curious-looking ears.  No, I didn’t use a flash.