If you were wondering, yes there are packaged dog-foods in the country — both kibble and canned.  This blog entry will be about the choices that I have found.  I will gather more information and then add it to this entry as I compile it.

For now, I will show you 2 brands:

2 of the brands you can find in HCMC

“Birbo” is made by a brazilian company here.  As of April/May 2011, this 400g package was 15,000 dong in a small vet/pet-shop in district 4 next to the bridge going into District 7 towards Lotte Mart.

“Classic” has a similar looking kibble.  As of April/May 2011, this 400g package was 17,000 dong at the same little shop.  This product’s packaging is in English and Thai.  You can also get it in bigger packages at a few supermarkets like “Wellcome” (Western D1 next to the cinema  for, i think, about 89,000 dong) and Lotte Mart (in D7 for,  i think, about 109,ooo dong).  This brand has a puppy version and 2 adult versions based on breed size.

A third brand is “Pedigree Pal” (in both kibble and canned).  I will add this info here in the (i hope near) future.  I heard from a vet that Alpo has backed out of the market here.

There are some upscale brands available at the better-stocked/bigger vet clinics that have attached pet-shops.  brands like “Purina Pro-Plan” and “Royal Canin” might be found there for example.  Please keep your eye out for a future blog entry here about vet clinics in the City of Ho Chi Minh.

I have heard from vets that some dog and cat food producers in the tropics have put out some feed that has caused liver or kidney damage to pets.  You may want to talk to a vet here to get a given brand “cleared” with them.  I am not an expert, so I am not going to give any info or opinions on this topic.  I will just tell you that these 2 brands in the top photo are part of the diet of my dogs at present, but I am playing it by ear.

If you know of more brands here,  please tell me about them in a comment or an email and i will add it to this entry.  Thanks.