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The following morning, Sunday, the Deputy director of the tracks took me to the farm in the Ba Ria province, outside of Ba Ria City which is between Vung Tau and SaiGon.  We went by car (approx 40mins).

I got to see the countryside by car for the first time since i’ve been here. It’s all quite tropical and alien.  It makes for interesting scenery.

The farm is pretty big.  It has some buildings for the workers, about four or so buildings for the dogs, a straight practice track, a round practice track, a swimming “pool” (channel really) for the dogs to cool off in, a water tower, 2 busses for transport of dogs and workers to the racetrack in VT,  a lake, and landscaping.  Its all quite clean and quiet.  And although the dogs might not get as much social time as they would like and are not “pets” per se,  they do have clean, relaxed, healthy conditions and seem pretty emotionally stable.  I saw two litters of 2 different ages, and a third litter of older pups that are no longer kept with their mother.  For many people, it may seem strange thhat the dogs spend so much time on cement flooring, but in fact, in this tropical climate, it keeps them from overheating.  Remember that it is NEVER cold here.  The temperature on Sunday wasn’t too hot, and I magine that the cement helped keep the temp cool enough.  On hotter days, they probably use water as well.

This trip has brought me closer to the breed of Greyhound.  What a wonderful dog.  I visited and wrote about the track and the farm, not in support nor in opposition to the racing.  I visited out of curiousity and wrote about it so that the information is there for my friends and colleagues.