Sat/Sun I went to the beach city of Vung Tau which is 90mins by russian hydrofoil from SaiGon.  I departed at 14:30 on Saturday, arriving at the port in VT at 16:00.  I was kinda impressed by this little city.  Wide open, very smooth roads, uncrowded, filled with parks, etc.

As some of you already know, one of my main interests in Vung Tau is the Greyhound Race stadium.  So, yes, I went to the races Saturday night at 19:30.  Before that, I had a nice vegetarian meal at a nearby veggie vietnamese restaurant which was pretty tasty and very cheap.  If I end up living in VT, i guess I will be going there often!  Also, before that, I had a beer at “Tommy’s” and met the Australian owner Glenn and his wife.  I had hear about them in blogs and so on, and wanted to meet them.  Through them, I met some other locals including some of the players for the Swans — and Australian Rules Football team from the area.   Turns out that they will be playing before the races later this month and were therefore set to meet with the track director that night just as I was.  (Small town, huh?)

At the races themselves, I had a good time,  took a few pics and films with my phone, placed a few bets and came close to some exacta wins.  During the races, I met some english teachers that turns out heard about me (and that I was gonna be in town) from their friend who is a mutual friend of my friend’s (small country, huh?)

The greyhounds looked pretty good.  Don’t believe the stories about them being too skinny.  They are of proper weight.  Pretty dogs, fun time, nice stadium, lots of people of all ages.

Here are the shots from arrival in VT and from the stadium/event.

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The pic of the penguin trashcan is from the ferry port in Saigon, the other street shots are from the ferry port in VT, and all other shots are from the greyhound-race stadium.

In the next blog entry, I will show you the pics from the greyhound farm which I visited the following morning.