Hello all…

I have been:

– moving into my new place deep in the triangular island of District 4.

– meeting the local musicians and initiating cooperation with them.

– setting up the event for the 30th.

– getting the dogs acclimatized.

So i have been busy.  What new can I tell you?   Well, I was incredibly sick for 2,5 days.  I didnt eat a bite for 42 hours and only drank water.  That was a stupid idea to add agg to my diet and eat it where i chose to eat it.  So you may have guessed, I have very quickly “re-removed” egg from my diet.  As soon as i got better, I started accumulating a list of vegetarian restaurants in town.  Once i feel it is a nice big list,  I will put it up here.  As far as music goes, I  like the way things are coming toogether.  It isn’t happening incredibly fast,  but you just can’t force the speed, I guess.

Here are some pics that i have accumulated over these last days:

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slide1: Yet-to-be-open Greyhound Racetrack in District 11 of HCMC;   Slide2: Map of District4;   Slide3: Rocket & Lajka with some new fans;   Slides4/5: Lajka round town.