Hello again,

These shots below the text are all from district 4 near the border with district 1. (with the exception of the 3-dog pic in the park in front of the cement bench which is in the center or district 1.)

District 4 is triangular shaped and can easily be called an island.  each of its three sides is bordered by canals and rivers and what-not.  District 1, across a canal, is the true center of town — making district 4 (next-door) one of the neighborhoods that is also quite “downtowny”.

The pic(s) of the dogs in front of the metal fence were taken near my friends house.  The drink is a vietnamese ice coffee which is the most delisious drink i have had in my life.  yes, folks, i am now a coffee drinker!  (i never have been).  the shorter glass next to it is a chaser of sorts that often comes free with ice coffees, beers, etc.  it is a very weak ice-tea with no additives.  i grew to like this because my first two experiences with it where when i was veeeeery thirsty from the heat  —  so i was “open-minded”.  the result is,  i like that “chaser” as well.  everybody has ice, which is, of course,  completely awesome.

another blog will come very soon cuz we took more pics today.  probably better ones than the ones you see here in this entry.


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