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Ok, so here are some pics… mostly from today (sunday).

Peter, the dogs, and I walked around district 4 today.  it was crazy and interesting.  yes, i do like this place a lot,  but there are A LOT of adjustments to make — as you may expect.

The skyline shots are from my friends’ flat in D4 looking towards parts of D1.

I have heard and met some really good musicians, got on the mic 2 times, and the dogs are a hit out on the streets and in the parks.  it’s all very exciting.  i have a lot of things to manage and work out and it won’t be easy,  but it is all worth it and is all very exciting.  :)))   and the people are, in general,  very friendly and smiley.

Sorry that there is not much time to blog too much right now. 🙂