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For now, let me give you the previously posted short blog entries that were put up by hand on the main Mach-Speed website:

010) 13 Feb 2011 – Lajka took BOB Junior at Valentine’s Daytime Dog Show in Bydgoszcz, Poland.  Quite amazing that she has 5 “Best of’s” in 5 shows!!  1 Puppy BOB, 1 overall BOB, and 3 Junior-BOB’s.

009) 12 Feb 2011 – Lajka took BOB Junior at Valentine’s Night Dog Show in Bydgoszcz, Poland

008) 08 Feb 2011 — Lajka and her litter-mates are 1 year-old today!

007) 16 Jan 2011 — The Gdynia Dog Show in Gdańsk went very well for us today!  Łajka took BOB as a junior (only her third show…  second as a junior), and Rocket took the open class and won in comparison to the opposite sex, finally losing to Łajka in the Whippet Finals.  Rocket finished his Polish Champion title today and Łajka took 4th in Group 10 at 11 months of age!  The day went better than I was able to ever imagine!

006) 13 Jan 2011

I see on the Whippet Archives: “We currently have 97,609 dogs in the database and 3937 registered users!”.  Wow… 100,000 whippet entries will be reached soon!

005) 12 Jan 2011

Here is the Whippet line-up (16 entries) for the dog-show this Sunday in Gdańsk:

Whippets 11:35 – Ring 7

Dogs (10):

Baby: Boxing Helena’s JACK’S JOY

Puppy: WIELKI SZU Lazarus

Junior: IZANAGI URASHIMA Dominija, Whiteheads DALLAS

Open: ALPEN GOLD Lancar Keyzer, HUGO Brodwinek, HURRICANE

Brodwinek, ROCKET FROM POCKET Yakuza.Gdy

Champion: ALEXANDER Idealist, KOCHAM CIĘ Vincit Omnia

Bitches (6):

Puppy: POONA Majesticanis

Junior: ASI QUE GAUCHA Baltic Fossil,


Intermediate: AGILE KORA la Cote des Levriers,


Open: Whiteheads BE MY SUNSHINE

004) 11 Jan 2011

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003) 28 December 2010

Preliminary Mach-Speed website is finished!!
002) Month of December 2010

Mach-Speed Kennel registration complete

001) Month of June 2010

Mach-Speed Whippets application to FCI